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The Simple Truth in Letting go

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

As I was driving in the car getting some windshield time with the sun beating down on me in the 100 degree "Vegas Summer" a thought flashed through my mind…if I don't want to own any of the bad or negative stuff that has happened to me in the past, then just let the shit go.  By me dredging it up from the past or continually talking about it or whatever it is that doesn't serve me I continue to own it.  Now, who wants that when in some way there has been suffering or challenges with whatever "it" may be.

I know this is such a simple concept and one that maybe isn't blog worthy, however, for me as I was staring out the windshield the road became that much clearer as to what life is really teaching me and that there is so much truth to be found if we're willing to let go!

Here's to rediscovering simple truths and living life to it's fullest potential.  Now, I'm off to find the beach, some peace and reve up the creative juices to fuel my next 30 years of success!

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